A downpour Thursday made for third wettest May 23. What’s ahead for Modesto weather?

Here are some facts about the four core cloud types

There are several types of clouds, these four are the core of them all.
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There are several types of clouds, these four are the core of them all.

Outside of Sunday, it appears the Stanislaus County area will be in full late-spring mode weather-wise for the next few weeks.

After an early evening 20-minute downpour left Modesto with 0.09 inches of rain on Thursday, the wet conditions gave way to sunshine on Friday. There are possible showers expected on Sunday, but after that, residents can expect temperatures into the mid-80s through the middle of June, weather forecasters report.

Thursday’s rain left Modesto with 12.34 inches for the weather season, according to the Modesto Irrigation District. That would put Modesto ahead of the historical seasonal average of 12.20 inches.

The seasonal total is the best since the 2016-17 season, which brought a second consecutive year of 17-plus inches of rain.

Thursday’s 20-minute outburst, according to the MID, brought 0.05 inches of rain, over half of the day’s total, which was the third highest total for May 23 since the MID began keeping rain statistics in 1889.

After possible rain on Sunday — a 60 percent chance — Memorial Day is expected to be clear and cool, with a high temperature of 70 degrees. Through the rest of the week, the temperatures should ramp up into the mid-80s.