OID considers water exports, filling board vacancy

The irrigation board on Tuesday could begin approving deals with farmers willing to idle their land and sell the water that would have been used there.

Also, the remaining four Oakdale Irrigation District leaders will discuss replacing 15-year board member Jack Alpers, whose last day will be Feb. 28. Alpers, 79, has not attended a meeting in seven months; he cited “serious health issues” in a resignation letter dated Feb. 6.

The board at a future meeting could opt to choose a stand-in for Alpers until November, when voters in District 5 southwest of Oakdale would choose someone to finish the remaining two years of his term. Or the board could choose to without a fifth member until November.

OID has agreed to sell water to out-of-county buyers for $400 an acre-foot, with most of the proceeds going to individual farmers for conservation improvements on their properties.

The board meeting starts at 9 a.m. Tuesday in the chamber at 1205 E. F St., Oakdale. For more information, go to www.oakdaleirrigation.com/files/Agenda%2002-17-15.pdf.