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Combat Zone wants to help those who help you get fit

It seems as if there are more options than ever for people looking to get fit, or fitter: gyms, boot camps, yoga/pilates studios, kickboxing workshops. And if none of that appeals, you can get just about any workout streamed to your phone or computer.

Adan Escriba and Efrain Fernandez are looking to capitalize on the increased focus on health with a concept they say is new to the area: a facility where their clients are personal trainers, not the customers themselves.

Escriba and Fernandez, longtime workout enthusiasts, are opening Combat Zone Fitness in Turlock. Escriba explained the concept like this in an email: “In simplest terms, we provide a facility with state-of-the-art equipment where personal trainers can conduct their business and just pay rent for the space.”

In other words, he told me during a visit this week, Combat Zone operates along the lines of many hair salons, where stylists rent chairs but pretty much conduct their own businesses. Trainers will be given a key to the facility so they can schedule appointments at any time. But the gym will be open for regular hours, as well, so as long as someone has a personal trainer who works there, he or she can go in and work out on his or her own, as well.

The partners hope to provide the entire fitness package: “We have meals delivered each week from Valley Meal Prep,” Escriba said. They also have started their own clothing line and hope soon to move into supplements. In the meantime, they will sell supplements by other manufacturers, along with the meals and clothes, in a storefront at the gym, which is open to the public.

They designed everything at the facility to help motivate people to meet their goals, from weekly meal plans to the color of the padding on the workout machines and artificial turf for one area of the gym – red. It’s intended to encourage people to action. And there’s even a “selfie room,” which is something I haven’t seen before.

The room is equipped with mirrors set at angles so you can check out your back muscles or glutes (on my visit, I avoided these mirrors). The idea is to make it as easy as possible for people to focus on getting the results they want.

That brings us to the name – Combat Zone. Escriba said he has a background in the military. He used the name in his own personal training business previously, but thought it translated well to civilian life.

“We’re in a constant battle with ourselves (to get into better shape).” he said.

Combat Zone will open to the public on Saturday with a free event from noon to 5 p.m. that will include contests, giveaways and music. Find Combat Zone at 2390 N. Walnut Road, Turlock. Call 209-250-2370 or go to the facility’s Facebook page.