Burgers will be back at Scenic Drive-In -- after renovations

A landmark Modesto restaurant, Scenic Drive-In, has been closed for the past few weeks, but the owner said she plans to reopen eventually.

Cherry Fee, whose in-laws, Jim and Juanita Fee, opened the Scenic Drive hamburger stand in 1956, said the eatery at 1151 Scenic Drive is temporarily closed for repairs.

"We're trying to get the fi-nances in order, just get it going," Fee said.

Most of the work is to upgrade and renovate the restaurant's interior, she said. Though she wasn't sure how long that would take, Fee said, the restaurant eventually will serve hamburgers, fries and shakes again.

"I don't think the people of Modesto will let me stay closed," Fee said, with a laugh.

Fee said it was hard to say whether customers would notice any differences in the restaurant when it reopens.

Over the years, Scenic Drive-In has become one of the most popular spots for burgers in the area. Next to Scenic Cemetery and west of Coffee Road, the restaurant is known for its signature "Knockout" burger, which includes avocado, bacon, cheese and hot peppers.

Scenic Drive-In also serves hot dogs, tacos, fries, shakes, sundaes and a few breakfast items.

Jim and Juanita Fee owned and ran the restaurant until 1966, when Jim retired and turned it over to sons Raymond and George Fee.

Cherry Fee took over as owner in the mid-1990s, after her husband, George, died.