Stanislaus County Dissolutions (08/15/16)

BRAATEN, Tina and Darrin

BLANKENSHIP, Gina and Randall

ELAM, Jane and Wayne

ALVAREZ, Viviano and Anne

SANTIVANEZ, Sonia and Reymundo

JONES, Jimmy and Judith

SANCHEZ, Victoria and JAQUEZ, Joseph

SMITH, Dasheil and Antonio

BROWN, Shannon and Michael

HOLLIS, Gary and Nola

FLORES, Karina and SALAZAR, Alfredo

LOFTIS, Denise and Jason

BEARDEN, Carol and Bryce

TRUJILLO, Javier and LOPEZ, Carolina

LUNA, Carolina and Juan

MENDEZ, Branden and MAYO, Amber

FOX, Claude and Yvonne

LEWIS, Eleanor and William

BRASHER, Leah and Michael

SIEREVELD, Darla and John

VAN, Thy and Kanica

JIMENEZ, Jose and CHAVEZ, Maritza

MEJORADO, Michelle and Mark

CIARI, Jammie and Jason

MEDINA, Iris and Rafael

FLORES, Diane and Shiloh

GARCIA, Claudia and Anthony

DORN, Andrew and Amanda

LANKFORD, Sara and Christopher

HERNANDEZ, Anita and Edward

GONZALES, Candy and Ruben

SWINBURG, Jonathan and Ashley

MATTOS, Patricia and Manuel

PARRA, Carla and Jorge

BLAND, Joshua and Ashlee

TODD, Mia and Teddy

BAILEY, Bettina and KENY, Philip

TOWNES, Theresa and Stephen

SAAVEDRA, Nicole and Arturo

SIMONSON, Traci and Richard

ESLINGER, Tiffany and Nathan

CROWE, Roger and Suzie


MAKI, Leova and Eric

GREENE, Patricia and Don

CHAVEZ, Petra and Baldomero

HAMED, Isaac and STEPHENS, Deniece

RANGEL, Alberto and Maria

HENLEY, Robin and Michael

RODRIGUEZ, Leonita and John

SHEARD, Lalonnie and SHEARD, Deno Jr.


BIRDSILL, Cynthia and Jeffrey

ORTIZ, Christina TORRES, Modesto

GILBERTSON, Janie and Gilbert

MONTEZ, Ruben and Angelina

JEROME, Elaine and Micah

CURRY, Kelei and Daniel

CHAHAL, Ricky and Christi

RODRIQUEZ, Laura and LOPEZ, Juan

JOHNSON, Toni and Gregory

SELVY, Stacey and Christopher

LOPEZ, Claudia and Leopoldo

NASERS, Jurnee and Jake

McMILLAN, Tamara and Donald

PEREZ, Jesus and RUELAS, Enedelia

RIOS, Jason and Jitria

GARCIA, Dei and Raul

BAEZA, Veronica and Salvador

HARDWICK, William and Rachel