Modesto IRS office begins taking appointments

The Internal Revenue Service will begin appointment service at its Modesto office Monday.

Taxpayers requiring assistance should call 844-545-5640 to schedule an appointment at the Taxpayer Assistance Center, 1700 Standiford Ave. First, they should see if they can find answers at, the IRS suggests.

Among online services are: refund status and estimated delivery date, free tax software offered through IRS partners to file taxes online, direct pay from checking or savings accounts, status of an amended return, answers to tax law questions, and all IRS forms and publications for download.

The IRS is offering appointment service in Modesto to eliminate lines and reduce frustration for taxpayers and IRS employees, according to a news release. The agency tested various methods of scheduling an appointment. It says many taxpayers visit IRS offices to get tax transcripts, make payments, resolve notices, obtain forms or ask about refunds – all of which can be done online.

Services offered at the Modesto office include: account inquiries (help with letters, notices and levies on wages or bank account); adjustments (changes to tax account information or payments); alien clearances (sailing permits); assistance with Affordable Care Act tax provision questions; basic tax law assistance between Jan. 2 and April 15; check, money order, or cash payment acceptance (exact change is required); Form 911, request for taxpayer advocate service assistance; individual taxpayer identification numbers and Form W-7; and multilingual assistance (over 150 languages translated).

This office also provides Facilitated Self Assistance, a computer kiosk with an IRS employee available to assist you with navigating the website.