Stanislaus County polling places seeing steady stream of voters

With polling places "super consolidated," voters have been steadily arriving to vote in today's special statewide election, the county's top election official reports.

Pollworkers are happy because they're busy, said Lee Lundrigan, clerk-recorder and registrar of voters.

"There's a good, steady stream of voters coming in," she said.

With an anticpated low turnout and the recent outbreak of swine flu, Lundrigan ordered polling places that are normally at schools to be merged for this election with polling places at other locations. In some cases, she said, voters from what had been six polling places are coming to a single site.

Lundrigan wouldn't hazard a guess at what the percentage of voters casting ballots would be today.

As of Monday, the county had received 37,344 mail-in ballots, she said, compared with 69,000 ballots in hand on the day before the presidential election in November.

Voters today are deciding six ballot propositions as the state confronts daunting budget challenges. In Modesto, there are no local races to draw people to the polls.

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