Web site shows purported photos of Mel Gibson's Modesto visit

Do you recall Mel Gibson's visit in Modesto back in the 1990s?

Apparently, Web site does.

With reports that Gibson's wife is filing for divorce, the Web site today put up 16 photos of Gibson's alleged visit to Modesto in "1992."

The Bee reported about a visit he made in 1990, when he visited the Easy Street Lounge on McHenry Avenue and apparently got into a little scuffle with a photographer trying to take his picture. According to The Bee story, the next day he partied at the Red Lion Hotel.

Reports ensued about the visit, and eventually photos of his visit were sold to The Globe, a tabloid. Former Bee columnist Glenn Scott later reported about the visit.

The photos from make reference to "1992," although we're fairly certain the photos are from the 1990 visit.

Take a look at the photos.