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Jim Silva: Ready to start a new fitness journey

What if I fail? What if I struggle so much again? What if I embarrass myself?

These are the questions that I’ve been struggling with lately as I begin contemplating what my next big run will be.

Should I sign up for another marathon? The last one – well, it didn’t go so well.

Should I take on another half-marathon? I’m not sure I can come close to running my personal best again.

Could I possibly tackle an ultramarathon? If I can barely handle a marathon, how could I possibly do an ultra (30 miles or more)?

I’ve been feeling a little lackluster lately and I think the only thing that can get me motivated is to sign up for a big event. But what if I can’t do it?

My message to you is that if you’re scared or worried about attempting something challenging, you are not alone. I’ve run three marathons and a number of half-marathons, but I still have fear of not reaching my goal.

But I’m not going to let my fear of failure stop me. I’m going to do it. I’m going to commit myself and I will be determined to accomplish my goal, whatever it might be.

If there’s a fitness challenge that you’ve been considering, here’s my recommendation: Sign up, start training and – to quote Nike – just do it.

I see a lot of memes – you know, those inspirational quotes superimposed on a photo – on Twitter and Facebook. One of them speaks to this point: “Every journey starts with a single step.”

So I’m ready to take my first step on my next fitness journey. What will it be? I’m not 100 percent sure yet, but I know I’m ready for another big challenge.

I’ve run one marathon per year for the past three years, so I plan on doing it again in 2015. This time, however, it won’t be during the summer. I just can’t take any more hot-weather marathons. I’d also like to stay closer to home so that my family and friends can be there to see me finish.

What’s your next journey? I challenge you to challenge yourself. Commit to something, set out a plan, and go for it.

Yes, the first step can be difficult. You might be scared to take it. And there will be challenges along the way. But in the end it will all be worth it. Your fitness, your health and your well-being is worth it.

Like me, you may have some doubts in your mind. But sometimes you just have to jump in and go for it.