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Live lambs available

We have an answer to those looking for live lambs after reading last week's story in Taste about the Ripon family that serves lamb during Orthodox Easter.

Nick Malekos of Modesto raises sheep, he says, mostly for relatives and a few people in the Greek community who've come to rely on him.

"Whenever I'm invited to anything," he said, "I try to give one as a gift. The lamb is a big tradition. The lamb is a big part of the heritage."

Malekos, a contractor, raises about 50 sheep, far less than the 1,500 ewes his father had during the height of his operation. His price is $160. The lambs average 35 to 40 pounds and are between 3 and 5 months old.

"My family back in Crete did the same thing," he said.

Malekos can be reached at 765-1894.