13 Things You Should Know About Me: Eilen Shahbaz, senior, Turlock High School

1. Song stuck in my head: The “Rocky” theme song

2. Favorite food: Baby food

3. Dream Job: Consulting detective

4. Saturday night place to be: At a social gathering

5. Favorite website: Comedy Central (“The Colbert Report”)

6. Who’d play me in a movie: Sherlock Holmes

7. Latest obsession: School

8. Must-see TV show: “Dexter”

9. Weirdest place to take a nap: The bed

10. Favorite book/reading material: “Animal Farm,” by George Orwell

11. Biggest fear: Fear itself

12. If I had a superpower, it would be: The power to have any superpower at any given time

13. My idol: My mother