Question of the Week: If you could know one thing about your future life, what would it be?

Modesto Bee

Gabriella Germann, j unior, Central Valley high

I would like to see what profession I end up choosing so that I could participate in activities and take classes related to my future. This would make me better prepared in the long-run.

Dominique Germann, sophomore, Modesto Junior College

What college that I am going to transfer to. It would be so helpful to know now!

Carolyn Stevens, freshman, Southern Oregon University

Whether I will pursue a career as an actress.

Taylor Menezes, freshman, Modesto Junior College

From watching “That’s So Raven” all those years when I was younger, I know that if I did know something was going to happen before it happened, it would stress me out to no end. For example, let’s say I knew how I would die; I would spend the rest of my life avoiding whatever it is that would eventually kill me. I would be a paranoid mess every day for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself. Life is a chaotic, crazy, surprising, intense, beautiful, messed-up roller coaster. You never know what’s going to be around that next turn, or when the next loop is; but that’s exactly how it’s meant to be.

Brooke Anderson, senior, Ceres High School

If I could know one thing about my future, I would want to know the number of countries I will someday travel to and if I will be successful in my future career. But, at the same time, the future is inevitable. Nobody can predict the future, and I like that. It keeps present the adventure of the unknown, which stirs passion in our hearts so someday we are able to look back and examine all that we accomplished in our lifetime.

Kara Liu, junior, Beyer High School

I would like to know if I’m happy with where I ended up. Money, location, fame; none of that matters as long as I’m content with who I’ve become.

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