Question of the Week: The “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie coming from Marvel on Aug. 1 looks like a lot of fun. If you gained a superpower or superpowers, what would it or they be and what superhero name would you go by?

Gabriella Germann
Gabriella Germann TIN

Shelby Sutter, senior, Enochs High School

Dazzling Darkness is the name and mind control is the game!

Dominique Germann, sophomore, Modesto Junior College MJC

Teleportation and additional limbs! I am the Quantum Shadow! (But please don’t tell anyone. I am trying to keep a low profile.)

Gabriella Germann, junior, Central Valley High School

I would have the power to stop time. This way, I could escape places quickly and be in two places at once. As for a name, I would not be seen by the public and would mostly use my powers by helping people in secret, so it wouldn’t matter. I would not want the negative fame most superheroes garner.

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