13 things you should know about me

FAVORITE HOBBIES: My favorite hobbies are sports and video games. I love to play basketball with friends and struggle to get better at "Guitar Hero" ... curse that orange button!

FAVORITE FOOD: My favorite food is homemade tamales, mmm ... especially good with the family around Christmas.

SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: It's embarrassing, but every time I hear "See You Again," by Miley Cyrus, it gets stuck in my head for days! Somebody help me!

COUNTRY OR RAP? Rap ... definitely rap. Nothing against country, but I hate it.

FAVORITE MUSICAL: I can't say I'm too experienced with musicals, but the "Phantom of the Opera" is OK.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: My mode of transportation is my '99 beautiful green Honda CRV. I love my little CRV.

LATEST OBSESSION: Lately, I have been completely obsessed with hanging out with my friends. I'm desperately trying to squeeze every last ounce of fun out of this summer before we all go away for college.

FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR: Ice cream is delicious, and my favorite ice cream comes from Cold Stone: cake batter ice cream with strawberries, blueberries and sometimes graham cracker crust.

FAVORITE AMUSEMENT PARK RIDE: It's a little silly, but my favorite amusement park ride is still at Disneyland; well, California Adventure, to be exact. Screaming California is my absolute favorite roller coaster!

FAVORITE MOVIE: I just saw "The Dark Knight." Easily one of the best movies I've ever seen!

FAVORITE BAND: My favorite bands are the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Foo Fighters.

WEIRDEST DREAM: The weirdest dream I've ever had was that I came to school and everybody had turned into giant bugs! Mind you, I had this dream in like the second grade, but still, weird, huh?

DREAM JOB: I currently aim to be a doctor. I'm not sure what kind of medicine I want to practice right now, but I know my passion for biology will lead me to medical school.