Question of the Week

Ryan Koehn, Sophomore

Downey High School

"Since sophomore year has been the toughest year in school for me so far, I find myself worrying about homework a lot. Between my Advanced Placement classes and list of extracurricular activities, homework really tends to add up. But I find that if I don't procrastinate and do it whenever I have time, it's really not all that big of a problem."

James McIntyre, 8th Grade

Oakdale Junior High School

"One thing that I worry about, which I find kind of stupid, is other teens' opinions of me. Every day, I wake up wondering, 'What is wrong with me today?' For the next half hour, I work on fixing it. If I didn't really care, I could probably sleep in for an extra half hour."

Emily Shrader, Sophomore

Enochs High School

"Oh, man, worrying. On Thursdays, I worry about whether or not I sound cool when I answer the question of the week. On other days, I often find myself worrying about whether or not I'm a failure at life. I am just so worried about what adults think of me, which is pretty abnormal because the teenage stereotype says we're supposed to hate our parents and teachers. But I always worry about their opinion of me and what I'm doing. They do so much for me; my parents gave me life (I kind of owe them for that), and my teachers give me knowledge, so I just want them to be proud of me."

Tyler Robertson, Sophomore

Modesto High School

"I always worry that I will become so overloaded that I will not be able to do everything I want to, even if it's not realistic at all. Somehow, it rarely gets to that point, but some days, it sure seems like it. It takes a little confidence in your own abilities, and self-knowledge that in the past, you have overcome and pushed through. That confidence can be hard to find from time to time, but nevertheless, I usually find it. And if worst comes to worst, I'll just take a break and play guitar or something to clear my mind."

Rebecca Mears, Freshman

Modesto High School

"Besides school, homework, projects and my grades, the thing I worry most about is the future of humankind and our planet. Humans have overpopulated Earth, and instead of taking care of our planet, we simply continue to destroy it. Most people tend to ignore global warming, pollution, deforestation and the dying out of various animal species. Instead, we drive around in our gas-guzzling cars and don't give the environment a second thought. We need to start realizing that these issues are serious, and we need to take action. But what worries me most is that humankind will continue to follow this path in life because we are too lazy and stubborn to change our ways. I can only hope that eventually we will change our ways for the better."

Victoria Pardini, Sophomore

Modesto High School

"Being a person who worries about literally everything, from family to friends to health to school to the future, this question is nearly impossible to answer. And, pardon the irony, but even the question of the week makes me worried sometimes. So maybe my main worry is all of the worrying I do."

Sasha Riddle, Junior

Beyer High School

"This is actually quite a funny question, because I have been an avid worrier beginning from when I was still in diapers. I sometimes wonder if I was just born like this or if I actually do have a reason to be worrying all the time. In preschool, I would start crying if my mom was three minutes late picking me up because I was sure she must have gotten in a car accident. I know, sounds kind of crazy for a 4-year-old, right? I must say, my worrying has improved quite a bit over the years, though. So now, what I find myself worrying about the most are 'fun' things like homework and AP tests. … Wow, I love this time of year!"

Sarah-Nicole Bostan, Senior

Modesto High School

"I definitely think being a senior brings a new perspective on life. Last year, my biggest worry would've been what college I'm going to get into. This year, my song is more about HOW I'm going to pay for college. It's such a huge investment and sacrifice for nearly all families, and though many schools are attempting to give more assistance in that arena, it's still not enough most of the time. I mean, you could probably buy about four Mercedes with the total cost of some schools! When did education become more about money than learning? Wow, welcome to adulthood, where financial problems rule the world! Pardon my cynicism, I'm mostly only being facetious."

Michelle Vecchio, Senior

Whitmore Charter High School

"My biggest worry probably resembles that of many young adults. Like most teens, I worry about my future. I have a million questions about the next few years of my life, such as how will I get along in college and what career path will I end up following? While this uncertainty of the future drives me crazy, I have to remind myself that God is in control of my life. I can worry all I want about things like majors and careers, but in the end, God has a plan for me."

E.J. Plata, Senior

Archway Academy

"I worry about things on a daily basis. We all do. I'd have to say I worry about my future the most. I think about it every day, actually. What adventures await me? What sorrow awaits me? Will I be successful? Will I be happy? Will I be loved? I think all of us think about these things. It is normal to think about them. It is human to think about them and it is OK. However, it is not OK to dwell on them. That is unhealthy. I admit, sometimes it is difficult not to sit and think so hard about things you really have no control over. If you just switch it around and think about all the wonderful things we'll get to experience in the future, it's a whole different feeling. No matter who you are or if you're old or young, I promise you, thinking about all the exciting adventures in the future will put a smile on your face."

Katie Mussman, Senior

Davis High School

"I worry the most right now about where to go to college. I was admitted to both of my top choices, BYU and UCLA. Every day, I change my mind several times. I dread May 1, because it's the day that I will need to make the final decision."

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