A Look Back And Ahead

Aidan Deming, Freshman, Modesto High School

What was the most annoying song of 2007?

"I think 'No One' by Alicia Keys was the most annoying song of 2007. I hate that song!"

Spencer Ellsworth, Senior, Ripon Christian High School

What is your biggest fear for 2008?

"My biggest fear for 2008 is that plans I have worked on for the future (college, career, etc.) would need to be changed or modified in order for them to work out properly, since I have put so much time into them already."

Minami Coirin, Senior, Modesto High School

Who was the most fascinating person of 2007?

"The most fascinating person of 2007 has to be the one and only Hottie D, also known by Ryan Hunter Dickerson. Ryan touched the lives of so many different people throughout his life and although he has passed on, he still continues to affect us." (Ryan, a Teens in the Newsroom reporter, died in a swimming accident in the summer).

Alayna Klapperich, Sophomore, Ripon Christian High School

What is your main goal for 2008?

"My main goal this year is to remain true to myself; to be myself and think straight."

Sarah Whiteside, Junior, Beyer High School

What was one of the biggest highlights of 2007?

"The biggest highlight of 2007 for me was getting to choose and plan out our family's summer vacation in Costa Rica. It was really amazing making the transition from looking at hotels and national parks on the internet to actually going to the places and seeing them firsthand. Plus, it was nice to have a say in things for once."

Amy Hutton, Junior, Downey High School

What 2007 fad will you be happiest to see gone?

"The fad which I would like to see end is not merely a 2007 fad. It is the fad that refuses to leave. I just don't understand why girls insist upon continuing the mini-skirt Ugg combo. Granted the boots are quite warm, but couldn't you just wear pants? Hopefully this fad has run its course, and the onset of 2008 will bring the end of this trend."