Question of the week

What was your all-time favorite Halloween costume?

Kelly Musca, Junior, Modesto High School

"My absolute favorite Halloween costume dates back to first grade. I'm a redhead, so naturally of all the Disney princesses, Ariel was my first pick. However, seeing as the end of October is not necessarily the most rational time to be wearing a bathing suit, Belle was a close second. (After all, she is the 'Beauty'). My Belle costume was a full outfit from head to toe, including a golden hair scrunchy, white gloves and golden heels to match my flowing golden dress. I may not have scared the neighbors, but I sure did light up the street."

Daniel Lee, Junior, Modesto High School

"I've only ever owned one costume. In kindergarten, I went as a knight to a Halloween party they were having at my school. I looked ridiculous, even for a 5-year-old. The costume wasn't the ordinary set you would imagine (plastic chest piece, helmet and sword) but a full-body shell of a material similar to that in down comforters. Since my mother refused to promote violent behavior in any way -- I couldn't even own action figures -- I went without a toy sword. With the plumed helmet, I looked like, for lack of better words, a swollen rooster spray-painted gray."

Michelle Vecchio, Senior, Whitmore Charter High School

"My all-time favorite Halloween costume was most definitely the Belle costume I wore when I was 8. Growing up, 'Beauty and the Beast' was always my favorite movie. Even at 8, I preferred the independent, strong-willed Belle to all the other Disney princesses (call it the young feminist in me). I loved my costume that year -- I had the pretty gold dress and my Nana even made me a hoop skirt to go under it. I really did feel like a princess ... an independent, don't-need-a-prince-to-rescue-me princess."

Amelia Varni, Sophomore, Central Catholic High School

"Despite all the ideas my friends and I come up with for Halloween, I often wait until the last minute to decide on a costume. I usually stress about what I am going to be the night before Halloween and I end up dressing up like every other girl -- as either a '50s girl or a cheerleader. Other than that, I think that I have been a Disney princess almost every year of my life. I remember being Snow White, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Ariel and my all-time favorite, Meg from 'Hercules.' Some of my oldest home videos are of me acting like Meg and singing her song from the movie."

Sasha Riddle, Junior, Beyer High School

"Well, in fifth grade, I wore a toga and claimed to be a Roman, and then there was the time I dressed up in preschool as Baby Bop. But the one that seems to stand out the most, or as my favorite, would have to be when I went as Pocahontas, or rather my own interpretation of Pocahontas, in kindergarten. Not that my mom shouldn't be applauded for letting me do my own thing ... but the tights and tennis shoes along with the feathers and dress seemed a little intense compared to my friend's costume of Little Bo Peep. Yet, looking back on it, I am able to get a good laugh, so ... thanks, Mom!"

Rebecca Mears, Freshman, Modesto High School

"My all-time favorite Halloween costume would have to be the cute gray mouse I was in second grade. I had a tail, two cute ears and small gray gloves. Everyone in my elementary school got to parade around in our costumes on the day of Halloween. But the thing that makes this my all-time favorite Halloween costume was the fact that I didn't even tell my friend what I was going to be, and she ended up being a cat (so she got to chase me around all day, and we had a really fun time)."

Amy Hund, Junior, Downey High School

"My all-time favorite Halloween costume was a 'Men in Tights' person, one of Robin Hood's followers. I love the movie 'Robin Hood: Men in Tights' by Mel Brooks and thought it would be funny to dress up in that character. I had the sequined, girlied-up version for my own fun with the hat, tunic and belt, and, of course, my tights. Yeah, that was a funny outfit and I think I am going to wear it again this year to some Halloween parties!"

James McIntyre, Eighth Grade, Oakdale Junior High School

"My all-time favorite Halloween costume was when I went trick-or-treating with my little brother as Spider-Man and the Green Goblin when I was 9 years old. Sometimes during the session, we would ring the doorbell and I would grab my brother's shirt and act like we were fighting. Then we turned toward the person who opened the door and screamed, 'Trick or treat!' Our costume scared many old ladies who thought we were actually fighting."

Victoria Pardini, Sophomore, Modesto High School

"Though nowadays I find myself unimaginative and much less enthusiastic over the dressing-up aspect of Halloween, I'd say that when I was younger, my all-time favorite costume was when I dressed as Pocahontas. It was my absolute favorite of all of the Disney movies and I had all of the merchandise, from towels to stick-on earrings to small toys, outfits featuring the title character's face, and my favorite tape with which I would endlessly sing along. It was so exciting when I was little to dress up in my fringed tunic with moccasins and a plastic blue necklace, and I think my enthusiasm made it all the more special."