Question of the Week

What do you think of the state law that bans teens from using their cell phones while driving?

Tyler Robertson, Sophomore, Modesto High School

"I recently went through L.A. and it was then that I realized just how profound cell-phone use really is while people are driving. There were all sorts of people texting, calling and playing with their cell phones while waiting in traffic. The largest group that I saw using them was the teenagers. This new law promises a reduction in distraction-related accidents and deaths. I think the idea is a good one, but it definitely will not eliminate the problem. There will always be people who ignore the laws, and that will be true for this situation, too. As a teenager, I think that teenagers are more likely to ignore this rule and go on doing what they do. I think there will be positive effects from this law. But I just don't think there will be much of an improvement."

Amelia Varni, Sophomore, Central Catholic High School

"I think that this law is a good idea because teens have enough distractions when they are on the road. Many accidents have occurred because of teens talking on the phone while driving. I especially think that texting is not a good idea while driving. It is terrible to hear stories about teens killed in car accidents because they were simply talking to -- or texting -- a friend. This danger is definitely not worth the consequence."

Ryan Koehn, Sophomore, Downey High School

"The ban on driving while talking on the cell phone is great. Driving a car is something that takes undivided attention, especially for people my age who are just learning. It's no fun when you're in your car and someone on their cell phone cuts you off because they weren't paying attention. I think the law will make things better for everyone."

Victoria Pardini, Sophomore, Modesto High School

"Personally, I'm fairly neutral of the new law, mainly because it doesn't really affect me. I've never been good at multi-tasking, and as I'm just learning to drive, I don't even have the focus to think about driving while talking on the phone or texting. I feel that it is probably safer, and the way I see it, this law will be in effect for everyone by 2008, so it makes no true difference as to when it is put into place for teens."

Rebecca Mears, Freshman, Modesto High School

"I agree with the law that bans teens from using their cell phones. Don't get me wrong, cell phones are great because you can keep in touch with your family and friends. However, just as drinking and driving don't mix, neither do cell phones and driving. When on your cell phone, you're paying attention to the person on the other line and not to the road or the other drivers. Thus accidents are much more likely to happen. And if just turning off your cell phone while driving can save lives, then I'm all for it."