Question of the Week

What's your favorite thing about the fall?

Ryan Koehn, Sophomore, Downey High School

"Well, since I'm a baseball fan, I always look forward to the World Series. Even though the Giants barely make it to the playoffs, I always watch. This year, it looks like some new teams might make it, like the Red Sox, Angels, Mets and even the Cubs. It should be a good series."

Amy Hund, Junior, Downey High School

"I have to say that I have two favorite things about fall. First, I love that the weather finally cools down and jackets can be worn. I have no objection to cold weather, so it excites me to finally escape the heat (especially since Modesto has awful summer heat that appears to always be above 90 degrees). My second favorite thing about fall (and I don't think it is possible to be overlooked) is the beautiful changes in color. Some people may say it's sad or ugly because all of the leaves are dying, but I think it's just great! All of the shades of red, oranges and yellows; it's the perfect season for everyone and everything to just mellow out and enjoy the changes."

Nora Cassidy, Junior, Modesto High School

"I am tied between water polo season and Thanksgiving. Water polo is the perfect mixture of teamwork and violence. Best and worst of all, it is in the water. I love the water, but the chlorine makes your eyes burn for hours after. Thanksgiving is when I get to see all my relatives and eat lots of my Nana's food."

Victoria Pardini, Sophomore, Modesto High School

"I genuinely do not have a single favorite thing about fall -- I love all of it and look forward to the season. The air gets cooler and crisper, holidays begin and the leaves change color. There is also that added certain fuzzy feeling I get when fall rolls around -- comfortable, content, and prepared to just relax with a book on a nippy day."

Sasha Riddle, Junior, Beyer High School

"My favorite thing about the fall would probably be the disappearance of the summer heat! When did Modesto become so hot? Or when did I start noticing? On a lighter note, it also means we are one step closer to winter, meaning snowboarding and a two-week holiday break from school!"

Michelle Vecchio, Senior, Whitmore Charter High School

"My favorite thing about the fall is the fall colors. We don't get all that much fall foliage here in Modesto until late in the season, but it's always worth the wait to me. Every time I drive down a street with pretty fall colors, I can't help but sing the little ditty my mom taught me when I was young: 'It's autumn time. It's autumn time. The leaves are all around.' "