Question of the Week

What kind of music gets you motivated?

Tyler Robertson, Sophomore, Modesto High School

"For me, I listen to music that complements my emotion. Certain music will get me pumped up for a cross country race, while other songs will relax me. Some I use just for playing video games. It depends on the mood. I prefer most rock genres over anything else. I enjoy good guitar solos most of all, but if a song is catchy enough even without the guitar solo I will still enjoy it. It should be a balanced song, not overly repetitive or weak lyrically. As for motivation, any music can get me motivated if it suits the situation and my mood."

Michelle Vecchio, Senior, Whitmore Charter School

"Whenever I need motivation, be it for schoolwork, exercise, or chores, I turn to my funk music. There's nothing quite like Earth, Wind and Fire or Stevie Wonder to get you moving. I think it's physically impossible to hear these artists and not get up and dance."

Sasha Riddle, Junior, Beyer High School

"I decided the best way to answer this was to see what kind of music motivated me to sit down and answer the question in the first place. So, honestly, I am sitting here listening to Jay-Z, and yes ... it is working. Rihanna, Sean Paul, Atmosphere, Mates of State -- and can't forget the 'Hairspray' soundtrack -- usually work best at getting me motivated before a game or race! I don't exactly know how to put that type of music in one category, but anything fast and upbeat usually gets the job done!"

Victoria Pardini, Sophomore, Modesto High School

"For me, this question is situational. If I need to get motivated to get to work on an essay or a study guide, I normally choose Rufus Wainwright because his music is not necessarily upbeat or energetic, but it helps to clear my mind so I can get set on accomplishing my academic task. If I need to get motivated to do a household task in a short period of time, I normally choose something upbeat, like the Beatles or the Killers, or even something ridiculously cheesy, such as Queen's 'We are the Champions.'"