Question of the Week

If you could change one thing about Modesto, what would it be?

Victoria Pardini, Sophomore,

Modesto High School

"Though I am glad to see a change in the arts and a more metropolitan Modesto beginning to form, the change I would like to see sort of contradicts the improvement, in a way. I have always been impressed by big cities and all of the activity therein, but also charmed by smaller towns. My biggest change would be an addition of more small businesses in Modesto. It saddens me that when I think of bookstores, I can only think of one local one, in addition to two large monopolizing chains, and the same goes for music. I'd like to see Modesto go back to some of its small-town roots, amid all of the grand scale improvements."

Michelle Vecchio, Senior,

Whitmore Charter High School

"Being a born and bred Modestan, I've become accustomed to some of the less appealing qualities of the city. I can cope with the dust, the heat, and even the Briggsmore overpass at rush hour, but there is one thing I just won't budge on: the landscape. Maybe it's just me, but dead brush, overgrown weeds, and empty freeway medians just aren't aesthetically pleasing. I realize we live in a dry, arid area, but isn't there something we could do to improve Modesto's ambience?"

Ryan Koehn, Sophomore,

Thomas Downey High School

"Personally, I think Modesto is fine the way it is, but if I had to change something, it would probably be the location. Here, in the summer it gets over 100 degrees and in the winter it gets below 40. I think Modesto would do just fine along the beach on an island in Hawaii."