Easy tips for a slim summer

What if you could ditch your drastic summer diet plans, make small, daily adjustments and still have the body you want? The solution sounds almost as good as those extra daylight hours and it's also entirely attainable. has four actionable tips for the small adjustments that can lead to better body achievement this season:

Sip smart — One of the easiest ways to cut out excess preservatives, sugar and calories is to rethink the drinks you reach for this summer. At a minimum, you should aim to drink eight glasses of water daily. Replace soda with ice water and freshly cut limes, lemons or blood oranges. You'll get the boost of hydration, bypass the calories and chemicals found in soft drinks and also get a burst of the flavor you crave. Also, be mindful of alcoholic beverages in general. When it's time to celebrate, reach for one of the seven drinks that won't derail your diet: red wine, champagne and sparkling wine, ultralight beer, Guinness beer, a martini, a cocktail made with club soda, water or diet soda, or a mojito.

Opt for seasonal fruits and veggies — Delicious, wholesome fruits and veggies are just one of the many gifts of the season. Get to know the picks that are in season — blackberries, cucumbers, chard, eggplant, green beans, raspberries and zucchini top our picks. Depending on your caloric intake, your body requires about 2½ to 6½ cups of fruits and veggies per day. Get creative in the kitchen to incorporate those fresh foods in your daily meals. * Get outdoors and get moving — Take advantage of those extra daylight hours and warmer weather. If you typically get your workouts in at the gym, try an outdoor workout one to two days a week. If you're not working out currently, take this opportunity to start a small, easy-to-follow routine that will also reconnect you with the joys of summer.

Shoot for 30 minutes of cardio exercise three times a week — an outdoor walk is a great way to get in the time.

Track your calories daily — Join the thousands of members who will be tracking their daily caloric intake on's MyPlate this season at You'll have the ability to search the world's largest food and fitness database in order to log what you eat and what activities you do.