School Spirit: There are many ways for students — from freshmen to seniors — to show their pride

It's your first day of high school, and you're walking as far away from the seniors as possible. As you make your way down the halls, you see countless posters hung on the walls, telling you to dress up crazy for homecoming week, buy your tickets for the "Back to School" dance and make sure you go to the rally next week.


Incoming freshman can be easily overwhelmed by all the events of high school, but by the time students reach senior year, these basic high school gatherings are nothing new. They're so passé, in fact, that you might wonder whether upperclassmen dominate the events — or is it the other way around?

In the Enochs High School leadership class, spirit can be seen from students in each class, from freshmen to seniors. Associated Student Body President Brandon Sookhoo, a senior, believes that "spirit definitely increases from freshman year, because it's the upperclassmen who determine the lowerclassmen's spirit."

When incoming freshmen first enter high school, they usually look to the juniors and seniors to set the standard. Typically, when the upperclassmen of a school pride themselves on spirit and participation in school events, the lowerclassmen will eventually follow suit.

Likewise, seniors who give up on dressing up for homecoming week or cheering at sporting events don't motivate lowerclassmen to boost their own school spirit.

Enochs junior Marissa Soria shows spirit for her school by "always wearing my school colors and competing on my school's soccer team." She proves that there are various ways to show spirit for your school, such as playing a sport or simply just wearing your school colors.

Junior Mariah Wilkins also believes in the importance of showing school spirit throughout all four years of high school. She says, "By the time you're a senior, you really care about showing spirit for your school because you realize you are going to miss it."

Mariah also shows how easy it is to show school spirit by running with the Enochs track team, dressing up on spirit days and rooting on her team at frequent sporting events.

So whether you're a timid freshman, an experienced senior, or somewhere in between, one of the most important facets of high school life is showing spirit and support for your school and the events offered to you.

"Without spirit, school wouldn't be as exciting," says Mariah. "School spirit is essential to having a memorable high school experience."

Emily Kay Shrader is a junior at Enochs High School and a member of The Bee's Teens in the Newsroom journalism program.