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Divorces (10/11/14)

Flores, Miguel and Carmen, Oct. 1

Pintor, Marcos and Sheila, Oct. 1

Velasco, Tomas and Chavez, Cecilia, Oct. 1

Villapudua, Rosa and Lopez, Juan, Oct. 1

Lua-Garcia, Lorena and Garcia, Luis, Oct. 1

Clark, Leah and James, Oct. 1

Siemiller, Scott and Lisa, Oct. 1

Jiles, Masadine and Kenneth, Oct. 1

Osorio, Eduardo and Emily, Oct. 1

Noble, Andrew and Michaele, Oct. 1

Dalgety, David and Kathy, Oct. 1

Rodriguez, Luz and Manriquez, Jose, Oct. 2

De la Rosa, Jaime and Galarza, Blanca, Oct. 2

Scarpitto, Dolly and Robert, Oct. 2

Zarate, Salvador and Garcia, Margarita, Oct. 2

Lopez, Paulino and Saucedo, Jazmine, Oct. 2