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The Buzz: Debate between Republicans Tom McClintock and Art Moore called off

McClintock rejects debate

over a review of questions

The only scheduled debate between Rep. Tom McClintock and fellow Republican Art Moore has been canceled after the sponsor refused to allow the congressman to designate a representative to vet the questions in advance.

The forum hosted by the League of Women Voters’ Placer County chapter was scheduled for next Wednesday. Moore seized on the cancellation Thursday, calling it another example of the congressman’s pattern of disrespecting voters in the 4th District, which covers 10 counties and stretches from Truckee to Fresno.

McClintock had requested that each candidate be allowed to appoint a designee, a format he argued was needed after participating in several past league debates in which he believed that the questions decisively favored his opponent, “leading him to decline a number of subsequent LWV invitations,” spokesman Jon Huey wrote in an email.

After McClintock nominated a newly minted league member to vet the questions for fairness, the organization switched gears and said it had already put in place a team to do so. Asked if McClintock would agree to debate at another venue, Huey said he would.

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Worth repeating

“Ebola is nonpartisan.”

DOUG OSE, Republican congressional candidate, responding to a question at a debate in Sacramento.

State worker

A billion-dollar lawsuit seeking damages from Gov. Jerry Brown’s decision to back out of a state buildings sale is set for trial next month in San Francisco. The litigation stems from Brown’s rejection of a sale-leaseback agreement for 24 buildings on 11 properties arranged by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Legislature. The agreement with California First LLC would have raised $1.2 billion in cash, but it also stipulated the state would stay in the buildings and pay rent.

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