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The Buzz: California state library loves passion papers

Some might find romance

in stack of state documents

Ah, romance. Inhabitant of candlelit dinners, tender caresses and … government documents?

Crafting policy can be a labor of love for the elected officials and staff members who propel state politics. But it turns out matters of the heart inform government work for reasons other than the devotion of political wonks and lifers.

October’s installment of the monthly “Night at the State Library” series is called “Governing Passions,” and it takes a look at official documents with amorous undercurrents. The Oct. 8 event, which is open to the public at the Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building and is free with a reservation, will make the case that love and lawmaking intersect more than you might think.

Like examining the effects on health and property rights of marriage, an institution that has prompted some emotional policy debates. Or analyzing the economic trends of chocolate-buying, which tends to see an annual midwinter spike.

“It’s basically how government documents encroach on our lives – even though they seem to be boring things, they’re actually quite funny,” said Deborah Lynch, a spokeswoman for the library.

Jeremy B. White

Worth repeating

“I guess Red, White & Blue is now Red, Red & Red.”

Jon Coupal, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association head, belatedly wisecracking about the news that Pabst Blue Ribbon has been sold to a Russian brewer

Bill watch

Lost in the pack of bills acted upon by Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday was a measure he signed aimed at providing more consumer protections for Californians who buy health insurance for their pets. Assembly Bill 2056 by Assemblyman Matt Dababneh, D-Los Angeles, requires pet insurers to disclose more information about the policies and to give policyholders a 30-day trial period during which consumers can get a refund. Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had vetoed a previous effort.

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