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The Buzz: Brown keeps mostly mum on teacher tenure ruling

Brown isn’t reacting

to teacher tenure ruling

In his first public comments on the controversial Vergara v. California ruling that struck down teacher tenure laws in June, Gov. Jerry Brown offered little insight into his thinking on the ruling.

At a news conference Wednesday, he said only that Attorney General Kamala Harris had filed a request Monday for additional information from the Los Angeles Superior Court.

The attorney general’s request covers 22 pages and asks Judge Rolf Michael Treu to explain the factual and legal justification for his decison in the final ruling.

In his tentative ruling in favor of nine students sponsored by education nonprofit Students Matter, Treu struck down laws providing for a two-year probationary period before teachers can receive tenure, the layoff of teachers in order of seniority without regard for teaching performance and 45- or 90-day notices before dismissal for unsatisfactory performance or unprofessional conduct.

Brown said the state will wait to see the court’s response to its request before taking any other steps, such as an appeal.

“You haven’t heard from me because I haven’t said anything,” he said.

– Isabelle Taft

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