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The Buzz: Nadia Lockyer lashes out at Kamala Harris on Facebook

Treasurer’s wife lashes out online at attorney general

Nadia Lockyer, the wife of state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, is lashing out at Attorney General Kamala Harris for not pursuing charges against a former boyfriend she said assaulted her.

In a Facebook post last week, the former Alameda County supervisor accused Harris of making an “unjust, anti-feminist, anti-victims rights decision to not prosecute the man that almost killed me.”

“So this pledge stands,” she wrote in all caps. “If Kamala Harris ever runs for higher office she will have to face the opposition of the Lockyer family and all those truly committed to victims’ rights.”

The Facebook post, first reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, refers to a case two years ago, when Nadia Lockyer’s affair with a methamphetamine addict and her own drug use became public. Lockyer told police that she was injured in a violent assault by her former boyfriend, Stephen Chikhani, whom she met in an addiction treatment program.

The California Department of Justice, which took over the assault inquiry from Alameda County, declined to pursue charges against Chikhani. A spokesman for Harris declined to comment Monday.

– David Siders

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