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The Buzz: Pérez gains five votes; recount could last beyond November election

Pérez adds 5 votes; recount

could go beyond November

After two days of recounts, John A. Pérez has picked up five votes in Kern County in the tight race for state controller.

In election results certified last week, Pérez finished 481 votes behind second-place finisher Betty Yee, out of more than 4 million votes cast. Both Democrats seek to take on first-place finisher Ashley Swearengin, the Republican mayor of Fresno.

Kern and Imperial counties are the first of 15 counties in which Pérez seeks recounts. In Kern County, Pérez picked up five votes in three out of two dozen precincts tallied Monday, chief deputy registrar of voters Karen Rhea said. Pérez tentatively lost a vote in Friday’s tallying, but a decision on that is still pending, Rhea said. In Imperial County, nothing changed Friday, and Monday’s numbers were unavailable.

Meanwhile, a new survey by the secretary of state’s office suggests that the recount could run through January if it includes all of the counties sought by Pérez. It could end earlier if Pérez calls off the recount or takes a lead that Yee does not contest. Yee or a supporter, though, also could seek a recount, and litigation is another possibility.

– Jim Miller

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