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The Buzz: In Florida, Mike Curb can still stir the gubernatorial pot

In Florida, Mike Curb can still make political waves

Mike Curb, the former lieutenant governor who famously made trouble for Gov. Jerry Brown in the 1980s, demonstrated over the weekend that he is still capable of stirring the gubernatorial pot.

The Sporting News reported Friday that a political ad for Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist was removed from a car in a race at Daytona International Speedway after state GOP officials and Curb, a music producer and sponsor of the car, complained.

“I did it out of respect to Mike Curb, who is a staunch Republican and he didn’t feel comfortable and he’s been a huge supporter and a partner to us from the very start,” said Phil Parsons, the car’s owner. “In respect to Michael, we decided to take it off.”

Curb, 69, was lieutenant governor from 1979 to 1983, when Brown, a Democrat, was governor before. Brown traveled out of state frequently in those days, and Curb, left behind as acting governor, made mischief. Among other things, Curb tried to elevate a Republican judge to the appellate court – an appointment Brown rescinded – and signed a bill permitting a temporary increase in the lead content of gas.

– David Siders

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