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The Buzz: Pan, Jones, muse about who will be around next year

Pan, Jones discuss health measure, muse on future

Proponents and critics largely stuck to their respective scripts at this week’s hearing on a fall ballot initiative to grant health insurance rate-regulation authority to the state’s elected insurance commissioner.

But some politicos listening to the discussion on Proposition 45 perked up during a brief exchange between Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones and Assemblyman Richard Pan, both Sacramento Democrats.

Pan, a doctor and skeptic of the measure, pressed Jones, an attorney and chief supporter of the proposal. Pan asked about some definitions and questioned if it would be interpreted differently by a future commissioner.

“It could be you or a subsequent insurance commissioner,” he said, alluding to Jones’ re-election effort against GOP Sen. Ted Gaines in November.

“Sure. That’s true,” Jones replied, dryly.

“But let’s just assume that things go well for all of us in 2014.”

Pan is in a considerably tougher election fight for the state Senate against Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento, whom Jones has endorsed.

– Christopher Cadelago

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