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The Buzz: Protest marcher cites his journalist credentials

Protest marcher cites

his journalist credentials

With the subject of his ire working nearby, Senate Republican leader Bob Huff called for the removal of a liberal documentary journalist on Thursday, saying only accredited media are allowed to access the Senate floor.

“I would ask that the sergeant at arms enforce the rules of the Senate,” Huff said.

The office of Senate leader Darrell Steinberg had issued a one-day pass to James Gannon, who trekked from Los Angeles with the group 99Rise as part of their effort to get money out of politics.

Steinberg said Huff’s concern was cloaked in the mantel of order and process but was motivated by his displeasure with the journalist’s views. He said lawmakers have agreed to review the rules but should “err on the side of embracing freedom of the press.”

Gannon, who said his background was in cable news, told The Bee that he marched with the group before deciding it best to operate as independent media. Gannon said he wanted to be there to capture the spirit of the legislative process and that his final product would be a work of documentary journalism.

“The intention of my coverage is to be objective,” he said.

– Christopher Cadelago

Worth repeating

“Has there ever been a more appropriate time for a summer recess?”

DARRELL STEINBERG, Sacramento Democrat, shortly before the Senate and Assembly left for a monthlong break. The Legislature reconvenes Aug. 4.