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Murkowski aide Fuglvog pleads guilty to breaking fishing law

Arne Fuglvog, who was Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski's top fisheries adviser, pleaded guilty Thursday to breaking commercial fishing law and also indicated he could be feeding information to prosecutors in an attempt to lighten his sentence.

Fuglvog signed a plea deal on April 8 in which he admitted to a charge of breaking federal commercial fisheries law by falsifying catch records. He agreed as part of the deal to a sentence of 10 months in prison and $150,000 in fines and penalties.

But Alaska U.S. District Court Judge H. Russel Holland said Thursday there is an "addendum" to the plea deal between Fuglvog and prosecutors.

Holland said the addendum, which Fuglvog confirmed in court that he signed, says if Fuglvog "provides the government with some information then it holds out the possibility of a sentence reduction." Court records indicate that the plea addendum was filed Aug. 1 and that the judge has sealed it. So no details are public of just how Fuglvog might be cooperating.

Fuglvog, who was in Holland's courtroom this morning to formally plead guilty to the crime, would not answer any questions from the media.

His attorney, Jeff Feldman, also would not comment on the plea deal addendum or anything else related to the case against Fuglvog.

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