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Modesto Irrigation District: Customer Owned, Customer Focused

The Modesto Irrigation district building in downtown Modesto.
The Modesto Irrigation district building in downtown Modesto.

Conserving energy is in an important way for consumers to save money on their electric bill, and perhaps nobody in the community embraces this idea more than Modesto Irrigation District, a utility company that has been providing power and water to the Modesto-area since 1887.

In many communities, utilities are either provided by the cities or by investor-owned business, but MID is unique in that it is a customer-owned utility, meaning it can focus solely on its customers.

“Because we don’t have to post a profit or pay shareholders, our only interest is helping the customers,” says Public Affairs Specialist Kate Hora. “It allows us to work with a business mindset, but in a not-for-profit operation.”

As a result, MID has developed a wide range of rebate programs that encourages both residential and commercial customers to adopt energy efficient practices that will save them money over the long term.

This “Rebate Catalogue” is designed to offer a variety of different programs so that each customer can find one that fits their situation.

“We go through great pains to develop programs that help all of our customers,” explains Energy Services Supervisor Bob Hondeville. “We want all of our customers to benefit.”

These programs include rebates for purchasing Energy Star appliances, replacing old air conditioning systems, installing efficient insulation and windows, using low-energy lighting, and even recycling old refrigerators and freezers, among scores of others.

MID customers can learn more about the different rebate options available to them by visiting, or by calling 209-526-7339.