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Oakdale student hit by car, gets broken leg

An Oakdale elementary school student suffered a broken leg when he was hit by a car while walking to school Wednesday morning.

The boy is expected to go into surgery today at Kaiser Modesto Medical Center, Oakdale police officer Michael Walsh said.

His younger brother, a third-grader, also was hit by the car, and was treated for bruises, Walsh said.

The brothers were walking to Fair Oaks Elementary School in the busy intersection of North Lee Avenue and Pontiac Street, where they were grazed by a slow-moving car turning left from North Lee onto Pontiac.

The older boy, a sixth-grader, was hit by the driver-side bumper, landed on the hood and rolled off.

According to Walsh, the driver was blinded momentarily by the sun as he turned east onto Pontiac. He will not be cited, Walsh said.

Barbara Shook, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction with the Oakdale Unified School District, said she has been with the district for 10 years and could not remember any problems with that intersection, which is guarded by a four-way stop.

Walsh, too, said he could not remember any accidents occurring there recently, but described the intersection, which is a few hundred yards south of the school, as a "traffic nightmare."

The school provides two sets of student crossing guards on North Lee, but they are stationed at the north and south ends of the school entrances. Oakdale police also moni- tor North Lee at West F.

Shook said it's up to the school to determine where to put crossing guards but usually "the policy is if there's a four-way stop, it's not a place where we would put crossing- guard students because there's already a four-way stop there."

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