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President makes tough decisions

The current economic recession has financially impacted our community businesses, families, local governments and university. Tough decisions have been required of all our leaders. Unfortunately, these decisions are necessary in order to ensure the continued viability of local businesses, governments and the university.

Ham Shirvani, Cal State president, has had the undesirable but necessary task of making those decisions. Shirvani has been willing to face matters head-on to ensure that the budget priorities of the university remain focused on the students.

Shirvani has demonstrated his desire to strengthen the university's ties with the community and business leaders, enhance the value of the valley, and has emphasized the need to match students' education to employer and community needs.

CSU, Stanislaus, is an asset to the city economically, educationally and culturally. As a city councilman and lifelong community member, I fully support the university through the leadership of Shirvani.