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Turlock DMV called 'blight,' but up for fix

Mark Wendell is fed up with the Department of Motor Vehicles office in Turlock, and not because of long lines or surly workers.

Wendell, who lives close to the DMV field office on East Monte Vista Avenue, said he's sick of seeing the knee-high weeds and patches of browning grass dotted with plastic foam containers and plastic bottles on his way to work each day.

"It looks like a foreclosed house," said Wendell, 48, a used car dealer.

"It's such a blight in the neighborhood, and it's a state office."

Information officer Jan Mendoza said the DMV signed a new landscaping contract Friday, after three months without one.

"We're trying to get a handle on the landscaping situation," Mendoza said. "Hopefully, we'll get those weeds taken care of soon."