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The Drought

"It's outrageous that after a trip to California to see the devastating impact of this regulatory drought that Secretary Salazar did not dedicate resources to projects such as the 'Two Gates' plan, which would temporarily allow the pumps to operate and help save 40,000 jobs in the San Joaquin Valley.

#151; Rep. George Radanovich,

R-Mariposa, in a press statement

Gov. Schwarzenegger has "had five, six years in office to figure this water situation out, and he hasn't done it. Then he shows up to the San Joaquin Valley today and says nothing. You've got to turn the pumps on in the delta, and we have to go back to historic levels. This is not a drought like it's being portrayed in the news. This is a man-made drought."

#151; Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare,

by phone on Friday,

at the end of the four-day water march