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Regina Patton, 04/05/2009

Name: Regina Patton

Synopsis: On April 5, Modesto investigators found the skeletal remains of a woman found buried in a secluded area a few feet from the Tuolumne River near John Thurman Field in west Modesto. Police believe the remains are those of a homeless woman who disappeared in 2007. The investigation started April 5 when Modesto police received a tip from police in Reno. Officers there learned about a possible homicide and buried remains in Modesto when responding to a domestic dispute call. On April 15, Modesto police arrested Reno husband and wife Thomas George Wright, 43, and Judy Lynn Wright, 44, in the death of the woman. Police said the couple also are being held in the 2007 rape of a Modesto woman. Police have not released the identity of the woman buried near John Thurman Field. On June 18, police identified the victim as Modesto resident Regina Patton.

Motivation: Unknown

Suspects: Thomas George Wright and Judy Lynn Wright

Authorities ask anyone with information about the shooting to call the Modesto Police Department at 572-9500 or Crime Stoppers at 521-4636.

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