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Parents are Republicans, but he likes Constitution Party

If Adam Garzoli was old enough to vote he says he would cast his ballot for Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party candidate.

Unusual choice? Perhaps, but Adam considers himself a strict Constitutionalist, even though both his parents are registered Republicans.

"I believe strongly in the right to the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms), as well as less foreign intervention ," Adam said, listing his political beliefs. "Along every social and economic issue I am very conservative."

Adam stays involved in politics by participating in debate activities, where he can share his opinions on various issues. He also helped out with his father's unsuccessful run for Ripon City Council.

Adam gets his information on politics from "every source possible, from MSNBC to Fox, from Wikipedia to any book out there that will give me some information and a different position on a certain issue."

Adam thinks that the major political issue for most people would be the economy.

"People are more concerned with politics if it interferes with their life, and in this case, our economy is tearing apart," he said.

For him, however, the major political issue today is the national debt.

"Trillions of dollars in debt, and increasing every second," he said. "We need a financial solution, not more taxes on the working class, but how about less tax breaks for the rich and less giveaways to the major oil companies?"

The war in Iraq is also important to Adam. "We spend more money on the military budget then the rest of the world combined," he said. "We need to get out."