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Conservative teen not excited about election; she liked Romney

Some teens are facing mixed feelings over who to support in the presidential election once their favorite candidate is no longer in the running. Take Annie Ippolito, a home-schooled sophomore who was a big supporter of Mitt Romney before he dropped out of the race for the presidency in February.

"If I could vote, I'd have to take a lot of time to think about it, because one candidate doesn't stick out for me," she said.

Though Annie is only 16, she has already formulated her own opinions about politics that lean toward the conservative side of the spectrum.

Annie gets most of her information from talk radio and the Internet, and says education and immigration are her two primary concerns.

"I think education shouldn't be nationalized," she said. "I think it should be left to the individual districts. I think illegal immigration is illegal and it should be enforced. We aren't doing a good enough job at controlling the border."

Annie notes the environment as the least important concern.

"Global warming is just a hypothesis — it's not a proven fact," she said. "I think it's just a natural process."