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Issues of college costs, environment hit home

Nick Cash of Downey High for Soccer Athlete of the Year 2007
Nick Cash of Downey High for Soccer Athlete of the Year 2007 Modesto Bee

Nick Cash, a senior at Downey High School, will not be old enough to vote in the upcoming presidential election, but he still pays close attention to the political scene.

"In my opinion, I think that voting is important because it is the best and easiest way to let your voice be heard," said Nick, 17.

While admitting that he may not be the most informed on different political issues and every minor detail of each candidate, Nick feels that Barack Obama is best suited for the job as the next president.

"I feel that he represents a step forward and a positive change," Nick said.

Though Obama is a Democratic candidate, Nick doesn't feel any loyalty to a particular political party.

"Truthfully, I haven't really decided what I am, because I feel I am not enough well informed about either party to make a permanent decision," he said. "My parents have showed me both sides of the spectrum when it comes to political parties, and have allowed me to make the decision on my own."

Nick also says that he relies on the newspaper to decipher political issues.

When it comes to things like the war in Iraq and tax increases, Nick feels most passionate about the issues that affect his generation directly.

"For my particular age group, I feel that both college tuition and environmental issues are pertinent because I will be entering college soon, as the prices of tuition continue to increase," he said. "It will also be my generation and our children and grandchildren that will be inheriting the environmental problems that we see escalating today."

Nick hopes to increase his knowledge in politics and political issues over the next year, so that when he is able vote, he will be confident in his decisions.