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Candidate Profile: José Aldaco

Jose Aldaco, Candidate for Waterford City Council. (Henry B. Kosko / The Modesto Bee)
Jose Aldaco, Candidate for Waterford City Council. (Henry B. Kosko / The Modesto Bee)

Name: (Full, legal name) José Martín Aldaco

Name you prefer for publication: José Aldaco

Office sought: Member of the Waterford City Council

Political party: Nonpartisan

Place of employment and job title (If retired, position at retirement): Waterford Unified School District, Director of Educational Services

Education: Schools attended, degrees attained:

  • Graduated from Ceres High School
  • California State University, Stanislaus ~ BA, Liberal Studies
  • California State University, Stanislaus ~ Multiple Subject Credential, Bilingual-Bicultural; Spanish
  • California State University, Stanislaus ~ Administrative Credential
  • Have you served in the military? If so, please list rank and bases where you served: N/A

    Have you ever been convicted or arrested for a crime other than a minor traffic violation? If so, please explain: N/A

    Have you ever declared bankruptcy? If so, please include dates: N/A

    Have you held any past elected public offices? (include dates): N/A

    Have you held any past appointed public offices? (include dates):

    • Member of the Waterford City Council ~ January 4th, 2007 to Present
  • Stanislaus County Local Task Force on Solid Waste Management ~ January 30th, 2007
  • Please list any professional, social, labor or fraternial groups of which you are a member:

    • Waterford Lions Club
  • Board of Directors of the Central California Child Development Services
  • California State University, Stanislaus Community Advisory Board
  • Association of California School Administrators
  • Great Valley Writing Project @ California State University, Stanislaus
  • Please list your top three priorities if you are elected to the office you’re seeking. You may use up to 50 words per priority. Longer items will be edited to meet the word limit.

    1. Communication - Enhance communications with the residents and businesses in the city and region by proactively identifying emerging issues; improving long-range communication strategies; and communicating more effectively the identified key issues, policy decisions made, and actions taken by the City Council;
  • Promoting Lifelong Learning for all people – improving standards and investing in pre-school, school, adult education and learning services and facilities, benefiting the city’s diverse social, economic, cultural development opportunities;
  • Improving the Street Scene and the Environment – investing in street cleaning, recycling, law enforcement and environmental works to improve the city and the global environment, upgrading the condition of the city’s roads and pavements, and promoting high quality development.
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