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Candidate Profile: Matthew Eric Herrero

Name: (Full, legal name) Matthew Eric Herrero

Name you prefer for publication: Matthew Eric Herrero

Office sought: Escalon City Council

Place of employment and job title (If retired, position at retirement): Escalon Fire Department (Firefighter)

If married, please list date, place and spouse's name: Married 02/03/2001, Modesto Ca, Vanessa Herrero

If you have children, please list their names and ages: Kaylie Herrero. age 7

Education: Schools attended, degrees attained: Escalon High school High school Diploma, Modesto JC course work in fire science, California State Fire Marshal Level1 instructor, State EMT1 instructor, State certified Fire Officer:

Have you served in the military? If so, please list rank and bases where you served: No

Have you ever been convicted or arrested for a crime other than a minor traffic violation? If so, please explain: No

Have you ever declared bankruptcy? If so, please include dates: No

Have you held any past elected public offices? (include dates): Escalon City Council 2002 to 2006

Please list your top three priorities if you are elected to the office you're seeking. You may use up to 50 words per priority. Longer items will be edited to meet the word limit:

  1. To maintain a smart level of growth in the Community of Escalon,
  2. Provide our public services with the support that the need because they are intricial to the safety and well being of the community,
  3. and to move forward fiscally into the future with out putting the burden on the tax payers of Escalon's backs.