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Candidate Profile: Jennifer R. Sanguinetti

Name: (Full, legal name) Jennifer R. Sanguinetti

Name you prefer for publication: Jennifer Sanguinetti

Office sought: City Council

Political party: Republican

Place of employment and job title(If retired, position at retirement): Stay at home mom; Ratepayer Advocate - currently representing affected ratepayers through involvement in negotiations between PG&E and affected irrigation districts; former financial advisor

Campaign Web site (if applicable):

If married, please list date, place and spouse's name. January 27, 2001, Morris Chapel on UOP's campus, David Sanguinetti

If you have children, please list their names and ages. Avery (4); Madison (2); Jake (11 months)


Schools attended, degrees attained:
UC Davis (1994-1998), Bachelor of Science, Psychology; Bachelor of Arts, Communications

Have you served in the military? If so, please list rank and bases where you served. No

Have you ever been convicted or arrested for a crime other than a minor traffic violation? If so, please explain: No

Have you ever declared bankruptcy? If so, please include dates. No.

Have you held any past elected public offices? (include dates) No.

Have you held any past appointed public offices? (include dates) No.

Please list any professional, social, labor or fraternial groups of which you are a member: Public Owned Utility Customer Association (POUCA); Co-chair California Women For Agriculture, San Joaquin Country Chapter, 2nd Vice President; St. Patrick's Catholic Church Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Please list your top three priorities if you are elected to the office you're seeking. You may use up to 50 words per priority. Longer items will be edited to meet the word limit:

Raising a family of my own, public safety is my number one priority. Our police department is fighting rising gang activity and must have the resources to control this threat and build our reputation for zero tolerance. This brings me to my second priority of fiscal responsibility. We cannot allow excess spending to impact our core operations. We can and will balance the budget by focusing on what is needed rather than wanted. In a recession, it does not behoove us, the citizens of Ripon, to spend $400,000 expanding our skate park for instance. Improving communication across Ripon's City, Fire and School entities is a core part of achieving fiscal soundness. I believe when you bring different perspectives to the table at the development stage, you gain valuable insight and field knowledge and are less likely to make costly mistakes during implementation. Mistakes such as the dangerous roundabout at North Ripon and River roads, at which most accidents involve injuries.