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Candidate Profile: Mike Riley

Mike Riley
Mike Riley

Name: (Full, legal name) Michael Philip Riley

Name you prefer for publication: Mike Riley

Office sought: Yosemite Community College District Trustee, Dist. 5

Political party: Registered Democrat

Place of employment and job title(If retired, position at retirement): Retired Chief Financial Officer for Diamond Walnut Growers, Stockton, Ca.

Birth date, place: March 28, 1949, Los Angeles, Ca

Campaign Web site (if applicable): none

If married, please list date, place and spouse’s name: June 26, 1971, Modesto, Ca, Melinda Millerman Riley

If you have children, please list their names and ages: Ben Riley, 30; Zach Riley, 28; Mandy Riley, 27

Education: Schools attended, degrees attained:

  • California State University, Stanislaus, MBA
  • California State University, Northridge
  • Moorpark Community College
  • California Lutheran University, BA

Have you served in the military? If so, please list rank and bases where you served: No.

Have you ever been convicted or arrested for a crime other than a minor traffic violation? If so, please explain: No.

Have you ever declared bankruptcy? If so, please include dates: No.

Have you held any past elected public offices? (include dates): No.

Have you held any past appointed public offices? (include dates): No.

Please list any professional, social, labor or other groups of which you are a member: None currently. Previously: Institute for Cooperative Financial Officers, National Council of Farm Cooperatives, National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives.

Please list your top three priorities if you are elected to the office you’re seeking. You may use up to 50 words per priority. Longer items will be edited to meet the word limit:

  1. Get MJC off accreditation probation and improve controls to prevent this problem from happening again. We need to learn from this lesson and make sure we’re always on track. The faculty, administration and trustees must have the mind set that regularly reviews risks to a clear accreditation status.
  • Emphasize the expansion and effectiveness of vocational education programs that equip students for meaningful and well-paying jobs. Our community needs skilled employees. Why are we turning away well-qualified students from MJC’s nursing program and yet see local hospitals having to hire nurses as far away as India?
  • Govern with financial soundness that avoids the boom and busts that can distract us from providing a rock-solid education. I would focus on establishing appropriate reserves, accountability and requiring quality planning policies. As a former chief financial officer, tax payers can count on me to be a wise steward.
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