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Candidate Profile: Jesse James White

Jesse James White — Candidate for Riverbank City Council. (Henry B. Kosko / The Modesto Bee)
Jesse James White — Candidate for Riverbank City Council. (Henry B. Kosko / The Modesto Bee)

Name: (Full, legal name) Jesse James White

Name you prefer for publication:

Office sought:

Political party: Republican.

Place of employment and job title (If retired, position at retirement): I work for pro beauty supply as a Manager and I also whole sell high end flat irons.

Birth date, place:

E-mail address:

Business address:

Day phone number:

Campaign Web site (if applicable):

If married, please list date, place and spouse's name.

If you have children, please list their names and ages: I have a son named Jesse James White JR. He is nine months.

Education: Schools attended, degrees attained: I am going to MJC and my major is undecided.

Have you served in the military? If so, please list rank and bases where you served.

Have you ever been convicted or arrested for a crime other than a minor traffic violation? If so, please explain: I was involved in a driving misdemeanor when I was a Junior in high school. There was a deal that was made in court and I don't know if I was convicted.

Have you ever declared bankruptcy? If so, please include dates.

Have you held any past elected public offices? (include dates)

Have you held any past appointed public offices? (include dates)

Please list any professional, social, labor or fraternal groups of which you are a member:

Please list your top three priorities if you are elected to the office you're seeking. You may use up to 50 words per priority. Longer items will be edited to meet the word limit:

  • I think we need to create some industrail jobs at the plant.
  • I want to make Riverbank a better place for my children to grow up.
  • I want to fund a senior citizen lunch once a week.