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Layers of searches for a cake

I am looking for a cake recipe that I believe I saw in a women's magazine recently. It called for three 8-inch round layers of yellow or vanilla cake, possibly from a cake mix. It contained cream cheese and had strawberry filling between the layers, and I think it was topped with whipped topping.

I've searched the Internet to no avail. I am hoping someone can help. Thank you.

— Donna Yarnal, Modesto

Thrown for a guacamole loss: A few Super Bowls back, the Taste section had a recipe for touchdown guacamole. I made it for work and it was a huge hit. I've since lost the recipe.

I know it contained red onions, tomatoes, grated cheese and, of course, avocados. Does anyone have this recipe? Thanks.

— Donna Kiser, Sacramento

Any brand of chipotle mustard OK: I recently returned from Tulsa, Okla., after completing a contract job. I found that Silver Springs Chipotle Mustard was stocked at a local chain grocery called Food Pyramid. I also purchased dried chipotle peppers, but I have no idea how to cook with them. When I tried, they got soggy and tasted like leather.

Does anyone know where I can buy chipotle mustard, Silver Springs brand or not, in the Sacramento area? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

— Bill Walder, Sacramento

Watson is a Sacramento home economist who has been a nutrition consultant and cooking instructor for nearly 20 years. She is a member of the American Association of Family and Consumer Science. Write: Teri Watson, Taste, The Sacramento Bee, P.O. Box 15779, Sacramento 95852. Fax: 916-556-5625. E-mail: Include your full name, phone number and city.

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