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Drugs hurt more than addict

As I was reading the article "Sisters of 2 children found dead speak up," (Sept. 6, Page A-4), about the discovery of two decomposed bodies in Bakersfield, I became more and more convinced that drugs not only ruin your life but the lives that surround you. I was really concerned while reading this article that the primary suspect in these deaths was the mother who had given life to these innocent young children.

That this woman had been a loving mother who had become a whole different person after she began consuming drugs made me realize even more that drugs not only affect your health but change your life. This incident was a tragedy and shouldn't be repeated with any other family.

A brief message to anyone who is a victim of any kind of harmful addiction: Don't let these addicting toxins take over your life and ruin the lives of the ones you love; it isn't worth losing a loved one.