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Bailouts ruining the nation

In regards to the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailout, I have just one question for the government: What do they call themselves now? Because bailing out your buddies on Wall Street and making the constituency you supposedly serve pay for it is not a democracy at all. We were already a broken system, but we were still functional. But because of this recent bailout, we are now responsible for every poor decision someone at the head of a big business makes. Oh, and I can't even pay for college, so what makes you think I can bail out your buddies? Thanks, but no thanks! As if my generation doesn't have enough to deal with, you have to betray us, too!

Yeah, this country is still better than a lot of others, I'm thankful to live here, but with the way things are going, you guys are delaying the inevitable -- the next Great Depression.